Welcome to Jaipur Foto Festival

Photography is widely used in today's world. It is the art, science, and practice of creating pictures. With the rise of digital photography and rapid developments in devices, which have become cheaper and more powerful, interest in photography has exploded.
The Jaipur Foto Festival is a signature visual arts event that treasures a city abundant with great photography and artistic talent....



Show me what you’ve got!
Got a masterpiece? Do not let it collect dust in your home, bring it out of the closet and let the world see! Submissions of various kinds shall fill the gallery walls for the thinkers to think and the admirers to admire. You would have never seen such diversity before come under one roof!

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The race is on!
Life is a race, and success & glory is the trophy. Bring out the best in you to compete against the vast crowd of creative people from in and around the city to prove your mettle and find out where you stand.

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Learning is a never-ending process!
Get a chance to learn and earn first-hand experience through workshops. Dig into the world of art and photography and learn which tools of the trade to go for and how to become the best of the best. Gaining experience is what life is all about, and life is the best teacher of all...

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Knowledge is wealth!
Multiple seminars from successful professionals from various related fields that would impart knowledge and the formula of success. Get a chance to become better than the best by learning from the best !

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Straight from the horse’s mouth!
The to-do’s and not-to-do’s are a part and parcel of successful people. National and Internationally acclaimed professionals from multiple fields shall enlighten the minds of the eager crowd that yearns to reach higher and higher.

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